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BMC Makes Wearing Masks Mandatory In Mumbai

People not wearing masks will be arrested under section 188


BMC has made it mandatory for Mumbai citizens to wear masks in public places to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Citizens who fail to comply will be arrested under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). As per Hindustan Times, Mumbai has not entered the community transmission stage of the outbreak.

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A circular issued by BMC states that all citizens must wear three-ply or cloth masks to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

“Any person moving around in his personal or official vehicle must be wearing masks. No person/ officer will attend any meeting/ gathering, workplace without wearing these masks.”

The circular also said that the masks may be of standard variety or homemade. It also stated that the masks could be reused after washing and disinfecting.

People Not Wearing Masks May Face Arrest: BMC

In addition, the circular emphasized that any person not wearing a mask in a public place may be arrested.

“Anybody violating these instructions will be punishable under section 188 of IPC and will be strictly penalised and arrested by police officers or officers appointed by the assistant commissioners of wards. All these officers are hereby authorised to take any actions to penalise such violators stringently.”

As per BMC, Mumbai has 72 new cases of the coronavirus. This takes the total number of coronavirus cases in Mumbai upto 714 with 45 deaths. India’s largest slum, Dharavi, reported six new cases of coronavirus with one death. The area now has 13 cases of COVID-19. Due to the cramped living conditions in Dharavi, self-isolation is nearly impossible. This has raised concerns about a possible outbreak.

The Thane police commissioner, Vivek Phansalkar, has also issued a circular on similar guidelines.

“People are supposed to wear a mask, while going out of their house. They will have to wear a mask even if they are commuting in their own vehicle and at place of work. They can use a mask available at chemist shop or a homemade cloth mask, which is reusable. People found not wearing a mask will be booked under section 188 for violations.”

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