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BTS’ Jimin posts and quickly deletes Twitter video for THIS reason

BTS singer V has come under fire after Jimin shared a picture of Taehyung with an e-cigarette. Fans are divided over the pictures.


On the occasion of Christmas, BTS member Jimin recorded an video featuring the entire group and posted it on Twitter. However, Jimin had to delete the same Tweet as the video showcased BTS’ Taehyung laying down on the floor with Juul (an e-cigarette) beside him.

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Jimin deleted the video soon after a fan pointed out that there was really no way the video would have sustained online. As soon as he deleted the tweets, BTS Army were left worried while many felt disappointed.

There are several people who have shared their opinion on the same video. One of them wrote on Twitter,  “Juul has as much as nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes stop ruining your voice Taehyung he was telling us to not use medicine for us to fall asleep cuz it’s not healthy but he’s out here vaping??? Pick a side.”

“So Jimin deleted the video because Taehyung is smoking juul lol does he want to ruin his voice..? It seems like he’s addicted then the army’s saying delete is exactly the problem if it’s not a big deal why deleting everywhere,” another wrote.

There are many who took Jimin’s side and defended him saying that he is mature enough to recognize what suits him the best.

“Bitches on my timeline be mad that Taehyung vapes w his sexy ass blue juul like he isn’t a whole ass grown man that can do whatever TF he wants and probably has to hide this anyway because of all fantasy of him as best boy perfect idol bs so STFU and sit down & Tae do some tricks,” a fan wrote on Twitter. BTS Merchandise Has Fans From Japan Flying To Seoul For Christmas Shopping

“A lot of people blindly support idols no matter what they do. Juul can cause brain damage, addiction, cardiovascular effects and much more. Y’all will say amen to everything taehyung does till someday he ends in hospital and all of you will cry. wake up and advise ur idols,” another wrote.

What are your thoughts on Taehyung’s e-cigarette? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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