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BTS’s V Recommends THESE Two Songs For The ARMY During Quarantine

V regularly interacts and responds to his fans through Weverse.


BTS is not letting the quarantine get them down. They are entertaining their fans just the same as ever. BTS member Jin recently went live to interact with the fan while Suga has been sharing photos on Twitter. Meanwhile, BTS member V has been in contact with fans through Weverse.

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V, who recently won the 100 Asian Heartthrobs 2020 for the third consecutive year, has been actively interacting with fans. In fact, the BTS member recently gave out song recommendations after a fan asked the ARMY for them.

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“What song shall we listen to today ~ if any of you are listening to me, please let me know,” the fan asked on the platform. However, little did he know that BTS member V was the one listening and was quick to recommend a song too. V suggested that they should listen to 17 by Pink Sweat$. This led to another fan reaching out to Taehyung for songs. “I listen to all the songs my brother tells me! Please let me know !!!!”

Well, V let them know that “ruel – face to face” is the song to listen to.

This is not the first time V has recommended something to fans. The singer previously urged fans to visit the Geum Kang San King Crab Sashimi Restaurant in Yangyang.

“Geum Kang San King Crab Sashimi Restaurant in Yangyang. The owner is super super super nice and friendly. So I really want a lot of ARMYs to give this place a try. The owner really inspired me.”

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