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BTS’s V visited set of ‘Itaewon Class’ to support friend Park Seo Joon.

BTS's V spotted posing with the cast and crew of 'Itaewon Class' at their last recording to support Park Seo Joon


The world has come o standstill due to the COVID-19 scare that has sent global citizens to self-isolation. Events and games around the globe too have been postponed so have the concerts and movie release dates. One of the most popular K-POP group BTS too had to cancel 4 of their Seoul concerts for the Map of the Soul Tour. The ARMY was quite disappointed but was elated when BTS member V released his solo single, Sweet Night for Itaewon Class OST.

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Recently there were reports that Taehyung had visited the sets of Itaewon Class to show his support for the lead actor and close friend, Park Seo-Joon. V and Park Seo are close friends after they got to know each other while filming the drama “Hwarang” in 2016.

Now, a staff member of the Netflix K-drama shared the photo on their Instagram. The idol had apparently come through to support his good friend, Park Seo Joon, as the drama’s filming wrapped up. V was spotted in the front row of a group photo taken at the end of filming and uploaded to a staff member’s Instagram. Though the staff member later deleted the post. Here is a screenshot of the now-deleted post.

Check out the viral picture here:

In the picture, V is seen all smiles posing with the cast and crew of Itaewon Class. In the snap, TaeTae is seen wearing a camouflage overcoat with cream-colored pants and beige shoes.

BTS also shared a video recently for ARMY, urging them to stay strong during the coronavirus scare, which has become a deadly pandemic.

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