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Charli XCX Music Video Reveals The Super Nintendo World

Visitors can indulge in real life Mario Kart races at the Super Nintendo World


A new music video featuring Charli XCX has been shared by Nintendo. It displays the Super Nintendo World which is an upcoming theme park at Universal Studios Japan. The song has throwbacks to the Super Mario soundtracks and explores the CGI Super Nintendo World.

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The theme park is scheduled to open mid-year between June to September 2020. While initially, the park will only have two rides, additional attractions will no doubt make their way to the park soon. The video does not have any actual footage from the theme park so there is no way to tell what stage the park is currently at. However, the details revealed so far make the place sound like an awesome live video game adventure. Not only can visitors take place in Mario-Kart races, but they can also earn coins around the park with power up bands.

New Details About Super Nintendo World

Bloomberg reporter Kurumi Mori made several tweets from a Universal Studios Japan presentation about Super Nintendo World. She tweeted, “Super Nintendo World means you can now step into a real-life Mario Kart race! Slated to open before the Summer Olympics at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka #Nintendo #MarioKart”

She followed it up with, “NO LIMIT! is the new brand slogan. USJ Marketing Director Ayumu Yamamoto says… If Disney is the dreamworld then USJ is the wake world where we will energize you and make you feel alive #SuperNintendoWorld”

Another tweet shared more information about the power up bands, “Super Nintendo World will use tech + smartphone app Wearable wrist bands called the “Power Up Band” will make you feel like you’re part of the game world You can collect digital coins and compete with others #SuperNintendoWorld #MarioKart”

Kurmuri wrapped it up with, “A life-size, living video game — Thierry Coup shows us the new app used to enjoy Super Nintendo World with a wrist band, touting an interactive experience #Nintendo”

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