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Top 5 Reasons Why Chromebook Is More Secure Than Windows OS


Google Chromebooks are a separate league of laptops powered by Chrome OS. They are found to be more secure compared to Windows OS. A user who is looking forward to switch from Windows OS due to cost and security bugs then Chromebook is a lot affordable solution than Macbooks. We bring you some top reasons why Chromebook is more secure than Windows OS.

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Sandboxing – Every webpage and applications work under Sandbox. A restricted environment that blocks any threat and does not allow it to spread. In this way, the threat is contained with the source.

Verified Boot: Still after all the filters if any malware is able to bypass then on every boot Chromebook performs a self-check called as Verified Boot. It locates flaws or defects in the system and repairs them.

Data Encryption: Chromebook encrypts data to prevent tampering, the OS is supported by cloud so all files are securely stored. Chromebook uses hardware encryption to keep the data secure at the highest level.

Chromebook Security: The OS uses multiplayer layers of protection, so in case if one layer is compromised then there are more filters to block the security threat. With in-built security feature and cloud based OS support, you don’t require an antivirus.

Regular Automatic Updates: Regular updates are important to fight against new and old threats. Releasing a regular latest update to keep OS bug-free and patch old vulnerabilities is a tough task. We had seen in Windows, some update affects the overall performance and to resolve that there are more updates. It keeps getting piled up affecting the overall output of a laptop.

Does it mean that Chromebook does not require Antivirus? Well yes, you don’t need an antivirus for the platform, but watch for malicious Chrome Browser add-ons and Android apps. These third-party add-ons are the only way malware can entire in Chromebook otherwise the security level is good enough to protect the system from various virus issues. You cannot install applications like on Windows OS, this also restricts a lot of security problems.

Above all, there is a fast recovery. Data are stored in the cloud so there are no possible chances to lose them if you think the security is compromised run Recovery and restore the original OS version that wipes out everything.

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