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3 health benefits of clove that will make you add it to your diet

Clove has multiple health benefits to offer and here are the reasons why you need to add it in your diet


Indian spices are popular not only for their medicinal and healing properties but also provides the individual with numerous health benefits that no one would have thought before earlier. There is one particular spice that will no matter what happens will not disappoint us and that is clove. Clove has abundance of healing properties to offer as well as numerous health benefits. Also, Cloves are no doubt tiny in size but have ample of health benefits. Cloves are basically flower buds that come from the clove tree and also have a pungent taste to it. In addition to this, cloves are known for their anti-inflammatory as well as anti-diabetic properties. Moreover, Clove oil is medicinal but don’t underestimate clove as a whole as it can do wonders to the body.

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Here’s how adding clove to your daily diet can give you maximum benefits:

1. Useful for Digestion

Clove offers a lot of countless health benefits as it contains manganese, fibre, Vitamins C and K. Manganese boosts brain function and also helps in building bones while Vitamins C and K boost immunity as well as prevent blood clotting too. So when it comes to digestive health, clove provides plethora of health benefits because there are some compounds in clove that help to reduce stomach ulcers significantly. Even the oil present in cloves increase the ability of the thickness of gastric mucus and protects the stomach lining and in a way prevents peptic ulcers. For the plus point, clove is packed with fiber which helpfully aids digestion and prevents constipation.

2. Good for the headache

Whether you believe it or not, Clove has some cooling and pain-relieving properties that wonderfully works magically for headaches. The interesting part is when you suffer from headaches, all you need to do is crush some cloves and put them in a clean handkerchief. Next, inhale the smell whenever you feel like you are having a headache for some relief. This is one effective health benefit that clove offers and something that you should absolutely try once.

3. Helpful for the toothache

Clove has something which is eugenol that is known to provide relief from the toothache. Besides, it is an anesthetic and also has antibacterial properties to help you with the pain. For effective result and to get rid of a toothache place some whole cloves in your mouth and crush them with your teeth. If you want you can use a whole clove for 30 minutes to see what works best for you. Try this health benefit of clove to observe if it is giving instant result.

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