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Daily Horoscope June 25, 2019: Check Today’s Prediction For Sagittarius, Capricorn & Pisces

Today's Horoscope for zodiac sign


Horoscope Today, June 25, 2019: IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY:  You are by nature a nurturing person. As such, you place a lot of emphasis on the welfare of your family. When it comes to love and romance, you are on top of your game. Your Lucky number is 7 and lucky colours are white, light green. Lucky stone is Lapis lazuli or cat’s eye and your lucky days are Sunday and Tuesdays. 

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Here’s your daily horoscope as per your sun sign:

Daily Horoscope ARIES

You are very likely to find yourself travelling today as the Moon moves into Aquarius.  This will most likely be a family trip.  Ideal timing to embark on a new project too. You might get a call from a potential love partner.  Wearing lemon colour will prove lucky for you on this day.

Daily Horoscope TAURUS

Today, the Moon in Aquarius will have you worked up about some pending tasks that could have come in at the last minute.  Do not panic, Taurus simply let go of your laziness and re-organize your schedule to include the new workload.  Do have faith in your actions. Wear blue for good luck.

Daily Horoscope GEMINI

Today you will be focused on planning for the future, some unexpected gains might bring a shine on your face. Today you will be brimming with energy and may find yourself drawing on all your interpersonal skills in order to tackle some difficult situation.  Golden is lucky for you today.

Daily Horoscope CANCER

Today try not to get involved in any unnecessary arguments with those close to you, suggests the Moon in Aquarius.   Choose your words and your battles wisely. A current or potential love partner might decide to come with you, creating a new venue for bringing you closer together. Wearing blue will bring you luck.

Daily Horoscope LEO

Today, you could be reminiscing about some good times you had with your loved ones. The Moon in Aquarius will remind you to indulge more often in activities that you love.   Don’t be afraid to express your feelings today. Wearing indigo will prove lucky for you today.

Daily Horoscope VIRGO

Those who are waiting to hear if you have received that new job, good news may very well come your way soon. Share your happiness with others and don’t overspend to impress. Your love partner will surprise you with something really beautiful Lucky colour is Red.

Daily Horoscope LIBRA

Today you may find that you are focused more than usual on your appearance, dear Libra. This may occur due to the presence of Moon in Aquarius.  You will come up with creative ideas and will find the day to be a productive one.   Wearing the colour purple will prove lucky for you.

Daily Horoscope SCORPIO

You may give cause for someone to antagonize you today. It is well known that you make a delightful friend, but a terrible enemy. The Moon in Aquarius could very well put you in a dilemma today to forgive or seek vengeance.The color purple will bring positive vibes.

Daily Horoscope SAGITTARIUS

The day will be full of a flurry of activity going on and this will keep professionals and businessmen extremely busy. The day will be filled with good events and you will be much determined to achieve your goals.  Use your innovative idea to make some extra money.  Yellow is lucky.

Daily Horoscope CAPRICORN

Today is a fantastic day for you due to the presence of the Moon in Aquarius. Your communication skills are at its best, use this to your advantage.  A social event or gathering that involves work could put you in touch with interesting people.   Wearing a shade of grey will prove lucky for you today.

Daily Horoscope AQUARIUS

You can make a good catch as a partner, since you are so caring.  Today, the Moon in Aquarius will make you come across some friend in a social do, towards whom you could get romantically inclined. You’re radiant and glowing with happiness today. Light orange is your color today

Daily Horoscope PISCES

A positive day lies ahead of you, a trip may be on the cards, it can be either related to business or maybe a personal trip. Seems like this will be a good weekend for you anyway. Exciting day as you receive a call from your beloved. Do listen to the advice given by others. Lucky colour of the day is white.


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