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Decoding UWU and it’s meaning

Online acronyms are in trend and here's one for you to stay updated


The emoticons, short abbreviations and acronymns online have been in trend ever since internet and social media has revolutionised. The game of social media one where users interact with abbreviations and acronymns are always fun and engaging.

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A new acronym has popped out on social media and is trending for a while. UWU. So what exactly it is? It is quite not easy to define UWU. It’s not as direct as LOL which stands for Laugh out Loud. Then what is uwu?

To make things easier, uwu is actually a happy face. Also stylised as uwu face. Known as happy anime face. For better explanation, the expression can be counted as being happy in specifically smug way. The UwU is frequently used in Korean and Japanese online culture which is relation to something say as cute or kawaii.

The pronunciation of uwu is not something that you would use in an everyday conversation. It’s more like an online thing than something that you would talk about in your talks. However, the perfect approximation would go like “oooo-uuuh”.

Meanwhile, back in 2018, a fan requested Mark Hamill to tweet on twitter “uwu”. To which he actually did and only after getting clarified that the meaning wasn’t something that was done as a purpose to play prank on him. Apparently, there were many critics who were bothered and appalled by the emoticon uwu.

Then comes another acronym which is owo and let’s be clear, it is not something to be confused about. owo is simply an emoticon that means a blank stare.

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