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Destiny 2’s New Raid & Season of Opulence To Launch On June 4 Together

A brand new raid in Destiny 2 and season of Opulence are all set to be launched on 4 June 2019


The new raid in Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch in the first week of June this year. The brand new raid called Crown of Sorrow will be unlocked at sharp 4 p.m. PST (7 pm. EST) on June 4. As we all know that whenever a new raid is about to come for Destiny 2, players are given several days to go through the new series of content to get latest gears, weapons and additional items which are required to raise their overall light level.

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For the uninitiated, the recommended power level for the raid’s first encounter is 715, whereas the current power cap in Destiny is 700. It means that raiders should need to work hard if they really want to get prepared for the upcoming challenge in the raid.

The developer of the game Bungie has released the newest raid to ensure enough people have got enough gear to meet it head-on. This time around, Bungie is making it available within a few hours of the latest season, Season of Opulence. When the Season of Opulence arrives, the following raid-specific restrictions will be in effect:

  • Last Wish and Scourge of the Past will be unavailable until Crown of Sorrow has been beaten.
    1. This prevents players with a stash of Ethereal Keys from having a leg up in the race.
  • Prime Attunements will be reset to two charges per character on day one
    1. While characters build Prime Attunement charges over time, these are being set to two per character upon logging in after the new season begins.
    2. All level 50 characters can earn Prime Engrams after signing in and playing during the Season of Opulence
    3. Players may continue to build Prime Attunements overtime after the reset occurs.

If reports are anything to go by chances are high that the Crown of Sorrow raid will require the Season of Opulence’s accompanying paid DLC Penumbra. Notably, Penumbra is the third and final paid DLC mini-expansion included in Destiny 2’s Annual Pass.

There were rumours doing the rounds that the Crown of Sorrow raid is set on the Leviathan (the location of Destiny 2’s initial raids). As of now, Bungie has neither confirmed nor denied those rumours.

Season of Opulence is all set to kick off on June 4, and if you get to light level 715, you should form a team to try and tackle the Crown of Sorrow. The newest season is going to go on until August.

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