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Dilip Kumar property woes: Saira Banu expresses hope for an appointment with PM Modi


Saira Banu, Veteran actress and wife of Dilip Kumar, on Tuesday expressed hope that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet her and help save her husband’s bunglow from the land mafia.

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In a post by Saira Banu via Kumar’s official Twitter account, the veteran actress requested for an appointment with PM Modi after slamming Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis for not doing anything in the matter despite assurances.

Saira Banu also mentioned that she ‘begged’ the Prime Minister to protect their ‘only house’ from land mafia Samir Bhojwani.

The tweet reads:

It is to be noted that Bhojwani had falsely claimed ownership of the two plots in upscale Pali Hill area of suburban Bandra on which the ailing 96-year-old actor’s bungalow is.

Giving details about the dispute earlier, Saira Banu had said, “We have been facing this court dispute and harassment by Samir Bhojwani for the last 10-12 years. This man is an expert at land grabbing, forgery and fraudulent cases. He is doing these things because he has muscle power and money. He has big political connections, and therefore, no one is willing to take action against him.”

The vetran actress also stated that Bhojwani has violated BMC guidelines but they have not taken any action against him.

“Earlier, he wanted to build a cottage for his sister in front of our residence. At that time, we gave him permission. After that, we went out of Mumbai for two-three months and when we returned, we saw that he had built a two-three storey building instead of a cottage, and while doing so he had violated BMC rules but no one has taken any kind of action against him,” Dilip Kumar’s wife added.

“The entire world knows that this is Dilip Kumar saab’s residence so how can he trespass on that land? He knows that Dilip saab has health issues and because of all this stress his health has deteriorated even more,” she noted.

She further added that Dilip Kumar was emotionally attached to his house. “It is his only house and we all are emotionally attached to it. Dilip saab’s younger sister and brother have grown up in this house,” she said.

“He hasn’t worked in 300 films that he can afford to invest in properties. In his entire film career, he has hardly been part of 56 good films. He is a man who has contributed a lot for his country through his art,” Saira Banu concluded.

In December 2017, Saira Banu had lodged a police complaint alleging that Bhojwani was threatening and harassing her and Dilip Kumar over the property. Following the complaint, the Mumbai police had arrested Bhojwani.

After this, CM Devendra Fadnavis had told media that he would speak to the couple and try sort out the issue.

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