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Disney VHS Tapes That Amount To A Fortune Today

VHS tapes are no longer in production making it a collectible item


It’s 2020 and now we can just watch all our beloved Disney classics on the newly introduced Disney+ streaming platform. However, back in the day, the only way to rewatch your favorite Disney movie was through VHS tapes. It is nostalgic to look back at times when streaming sites had not even been thought of. While it’s good to look back at the past, it is better when holding on to the past can result in a tidy profit.

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Through this article, we will list down some Disney VHS tapes that could give you a good bit of pocket change while others that could amount to a small fortune today. Since VHS tapes are no longer in production, their value as collectibles has only gone up. So if you have a box of collectible VHS tapes just sitting at home, you might want to read this article and reevaluate their value.

Disney VHS Tapes That Amount To A Fortune Today

1. 101 Dalmatians


Let’s kick things off with a Disney VHS tape that is actually worth a small fortune. The 101 Dalmatians is a beloved tale of Pongo and Perdita who raise a family of 99 Dalmatian puppies through the movie. However, the fun and games end when the villain Cruella makes her appearance. Inspired by Anita’s spotted fur coat, Cruella decides that she wants to make the garments out of actual Dalmatians. This Disney movie is very different from the studio stereotypes it has no heroic prince or damsel in distress princess. Instead, it is the story for a regular couple trying to make the ends meet while also looking after their beloved pets. It is a relatable story and the adorable Dalmatians hook the viewers into the story right from the start.

The Black Diamond Edition of the 101 Dalmatians VHS can go up to $6,000 on a good day, according to The Gamer. If you have one of these Black Diamond Editions, it might be worth checking out their current price.

2. The Fox And The Hound

After the cute Dalmatians of the 101 Dalmatians, the next Disney VHS tape on the list is the adorable story of The Fox and the Hound. The film revolves around Tod and Copper who become the best of friends. However, Tod is a fox and Copper is a bloodhound who will eventually grow up to realize that hounds hunt foxes.

The Black Diamond Edition of The Fox and the Hound VHS can list for as high as $600.

3. Aladdin

Aladdin has been a part of every 90s kid’s childhood. A Whole New World has served as the soundtrack to incite nostalgia in millions of hearts. It was the first Disney movie that moved away from the damsel-in-distress female to bring about a competent, strong female lead in the form of Princess Jasmine. She didn’t shy away from danger and had a tiger for a pet. Her love story with the street urchin Aladdin has captured the imaginations of many.

The Black Edition of the original Aladdin and Aladdin and the King of Thieves can list up to $1,500.

4. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is the story of Princess Aurora who is cursed to sleep forever at the age of 16 by Maleficent. The fairy is offended at being left out of a celebration where the whole kingdom was invited. However, Maleficent does leave the loophole that Aurora can be awakened with a kiss of true love. Cue the handsome prince.

The Black Diamond  Edition of Sleeping Beauty goes for much lower than the other two entries. It is valued at about $50.

5. The Lion King

This tear-jerker of a film is the coming-of-age story of Simba. The lion cub is the heir to Mufasa’s position as the King of Pride Lands. However, Mufasa is betrayed and killed by his own brother Scar. Wracked with guilt and chased by Scar’s pack of hyenas, Simba leaves Pride Lands with no hope of return.

The first edition of the Lion King VHS tape is worth around $1500.

6. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was a touching underwater story about Ariel and her desire to experience the human world. However, the sea witch Ursula traps Ariel with trickery as she allows her to meet the human prince she loves.

The Black Diamond Edition of The Little Mermaid is estimated to list around $1,000.

7. Bambi

Bambi was one of Disney’s major tearjerkers. Accompanied by his trusty friends, Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk, Bambi grows up in the forest learning about the joy as well as the tragedy of life. His father is The Grea Prine of the Forest who teaches Bambi about the dangers of the open meadow where hunters can openly spot animals. He goes on to meet a young doe Faline.

The Black Diamond Edition of the VHS which cost $10 to buy when it came out, now has an asking price of $250.

8. Beauty And The Beast

The film Beauty and the Beast embraces the motto of ‘beautiful on the inside’. It has a headstrong, defiant female lead in Belle. The film also turns the damsel-in-distress stereotype on its head, casting the beast as the one in need of rescue.

The Beauty and the Beast Black Diamond Edition VHS can be worth approximately $600.

9. Cinderella

This is the story that started the evil-stepmother troupe. Cinderella is a girl who is forced to cook and clean all-day in her own home. When a gala is thrown, the stepmother and her stepsisters leave Cinderella behind to finish the chores and forbidding her from going. However, the Fairy Godmother comes to the rescue of Cinderella. She attends the ball and falls in love with Prince Charming.

This  Black Diamond Edition of a Cinderella VHS tape is listing for approximately $100.

10. Song Of The South

Song of the South is one of the movies that Disney would love to sweep under the rug. The film was labeled as deeply racist and controversial in the kind of issues it handles. Song of the South was considered too racist to screen. However, the movie has now been re-released on the Disney+ streaming service.

The VHS movie is tagged at $100.

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