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Facebook Now Allows Users To Unsend Message Within A Time Limit


Facebook lastly introduced Unsend Message feature for its integrated Social Chat “Messenger”. Facebook stretched a lot to implement the important feature to let users escape from embarrassment or unsolicited typo errors if they accidentally type something in the chat box.

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Unsend feature is more like Delete Message on WhatsApp, to remove a message tap and hold for few seconds and you will see a popup – Remove. Select from Remove for Everyone and Remove for You. Two different choices will let users pick from complete deletion or just to delete their copy and let the receiver have the message on their chat box.

The option will be available for 10 Minutes, after which it is not possible to erase what you had done. 10 Minutes is enough time for users to decide to un-done their action. If are unable to see it update the Messenger app on iOS and Android.

The trigger to release the Unsend Message began last year in April when many found that Mark Zuckerberg is having the privilege of expiring messages. Many noted the message was deleted and the same day after a lot of users demanded to have a similar benefit, Facebook announced to provide the features for everyone. It has now implemented and you can use it on the latest updated Messenger App.

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