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Fortnite Adds A New Rick Roll Emote And It’s Hilarious

The Rick Roll meme has been introduced as "Never Gonna"


Fortnite has a surprise for its fans on Valentine’s Day in the form of a new Rick Roll emote. The hilarious new emote is inspired by the age-old Rickrolling meme. The Rick Roll meme has been introduced as “Never Gonna” by Fortnite. In addition, the emote plays a part of the actual song by Rick Astley. This emote will have your character dancing just like Rick Astley.

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Prior to the launch of the Rick Roll, Fortnite players saw a screen full of haphazard text. Players now know this was to tease the arrival of Rick Roll.

Players can get the new Rick Roll emote from the Fortnite in-game shop for 500 V-bucks. Fortnite shared a brief glimpse of the upcoming emote through its official Twitter account. The tweet had a clickbait title like the original trend, reading, “I liked a video on YouTube: Watch How This Bear Made The Unlikeliest Of Friends”

The Rick Roll meme was one of the earliest and most famous memes in the world. It is also a first for Fortnite to have a famous song be a part of an emote. The makers have landed in trouble in the past due to several lawsuits alleging that Epic Games stole popular dance moves and used them as Fortnite emotes. This included a lawsuit by Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro over Fortnite’s interpretation of the Carlton dance. However, since copyright protection for songs is pretty stringent, Epic Games could have acquired the license for Rick Astley’s internet-famous hit for this new emote.

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