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Samsung Galaxy S10 Can Be Unlocked Using A Video – Warning

Face Unlock Bug


Security is a major concern when it comes to a smartphone that features fingerprint and face unlocking feature. Before users were limited to use a pin or a password, but enhancing the security to next level biometric functions are fool proof as we know.

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Samsung’s most recent Galaxy S10 series was touted to be an innovative model with amazing features starting at a price of Rs.55,900 in India. Galaxy Fold was also introduced side by side and users were happy what Samsung released.

Galaxy S10, an 8GB+128GB Storage version that cost around Rs.66,900 in India has major security flaws discovered first by popular Youtuber Unboxing Therapy. You can click the video above and watch the exact time where the phone gets unlocked through a YouTube video of Lewis Hilsenteger.

This is pretty shocking to see that it is easy to unlock the home screen if someone has a video. We tested this with Oneplus 6 and it was able to differentiate well between a real human and a phone screen. The flaw once discovered can let anyone plan to access phone data.

The only secure way is to use fingerprint if the face unlocks is not strong enough to identify a real human face, instead, give access to a digital image. The video got more than 2 Million views and users have positively backed the issue in their comments.

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