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Gina Rodriguez apologizes for singing n-word on Instagram

Gina Rodriguez used the n-word on Instagram, then issued a weak “apology”


Actress Gina Rodriguez posted a video of herself singing the n-word on Instagram Tuesday. The ‘Jane the Virgin’ actress later deleted the video after she received severe backlash. The actress was rapping along to a Fugees song in a video she had shared on social media. Following criticism, she posted a long apology that was dismissed as insincere by many.

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Gina soon deleted the post in which she was rapping along with the Fugees’ song “Ready or Not” — including a line in which vocalist Lauryn Hill sings the n-word while having her hair and makeup done.

Gina has in the past made many statements that have raised eyebrows on social media. They have painted her as having a less-than-respectful attitude toward black people. Rodriguez, who is Puerto Rican, has been accused of “anti-blackness” a number of times in the past too. She was soon slammed for her video by netizens.

The actress soon deleted the post and apologised. She said, “Hey, what’s up everybody. I just wanted to reach out and apologize. I am sorry. I am sorry if I offended anyone by singing along to the Fugees, to a song that I love, that I grew up on. I love Lauryn Hill. And I really am sorry if I offended you.”

Check out her apology here:

This is not the first time Gina is the cynosure of all eyes for her comments she has done the same many times in the past too.

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