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Google France shuts down its page on social network Google+


Google’s flagship social media network has gained success worldwide and subscribers have followed the site for increased connectivity. However, Google suffered a debacle after Google France says it is shutting down its own page on Google+ for good, this weekend.

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With the latest development, the famous search engine site’s popular social media network might not be visible for users. But, for those looking for updates on Google France will still have the option of getting news and announcements via Google France’s Facebook and Twitter pages. What makes it most annoying is the fact that this is creating confusion as the process of shutting down a Google+ page is more work than just letting it languish in obscurity. This is just like millions of other Google+ pages that have been abandoned over the years.

Announcing the shutdown, Google France was inundated with all sorts of comments which ranged from little educational tidbits to people wondering if the post is fake news or possibly caused by a virus or hack. In one of the comment, Hugo BALLESTER (Hasgtagman) just wanted to wish Google France a heartwarming thanks for “all the good times we spent together.”

Google France's Google+ shutdown effect
Google France’s Google+ shutdown effect

Though Hugo was sad about the shutdown of Google France’s Google+, his post gives a positive belief. It has been a good run for Google France on Google+, but at some point, all good things come to an end. So, its a farewell to Google France’s Google+ page.

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