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GOT7 Members Trending At Number ‘1’ On Weibo Hot Search For THIS Reason

GOT7's Jackson Weibo Hot Search Video Garnered 140 million Views


Members of South Korean Boyband formed by JYP Entertainment GOT7, Jackson, Youngjae and Jinyoung were spotted trending on microblogging site Weibo Hot Search. They were noticed trending on Weibo Hot Search hours before they performed on their latest track ECLIPSE.

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Yes, Jackson, Youngjae and Jinyoung decided to come live on V Live to interact with their fans before their new release ECLIPSE. A social media user wrote on V Live, “So funny when Jackson speaks in Korean still sounds Ching”.

According to reports, Ching usually refers to Ching Chong, which is typically used by non-Asians towards Eastern Asians. However, GOT7 member Jackson handles the situation very well and responded seriously. GOT7’S Yugyeom Opens Up About His Friendship With BTS’ Jungkook

Since then Jackson is trending at #1 on Weibo hot search for “Wang Jiaer responds to a racist comment.”

Source: allkpop.com

“You know what? No negative comments okay? Let’s stay positive, let’s show a lot of love. Let’s love more than hate, alright?” This has caused people including Go Fridge, a Chinese variety program with Jackson as MC, to comment on this matter on Weibo.

“[WEIBO] 190523 Go Fridge Let’s embrace the world with a more positive attitude and more love like @JacksonWang852 does! Hope that everyone can spend every day happily~ Goodnight.”

You can see some of the top comments below:

It is to be noted that the post has already garnered more than 140 million views and over 33,000 comments.


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