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COVID-19 Pandemic: Health Ministry announces 3 types of Coronavirus Facilities

Three types of Health Care Facilities to be set up to manage COVID-19 cases says Health Ministry


The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has released a list of guidelines for the nation. This is on how to break the chain of transmission of the novel coronavirus in the country. On April 8, 2020, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare announced that the hospitals and health facilities have been classified to deal with COVID-19.

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According to the ministry, There are three types of Coronavirus health centers that are to be set up in the country by the government for the coronavirus positive cases. All the centers will have separate, dedicated facilities for confirmed cases.

The ministry has also announced that if one person does not follow strict guidelines of social distancing, he or she shall infect 406 people in just 30 days.

The three types of centres are as follows COVID Care Centre Dedicated COVID Health Centre Dedicated COVID Hospital:

1. COVID-19 Care Centre:

These centers will attend cases that are clinically assigned as very mild or mild. They are makeshift facilities such as hostels, stadiums, schools, lodges, etc.

2. Dedicated COVID-19 Health Centre:

These centres will attend cases that are assigned as “moderate”. These centres will compulsorily have oxygen support in all beds. They will also have ambulance support equipped with sufficient oxygen support.

3. Dedicated COVID-19 Hospital:

These hospitals attend cases that have been clinically assigned as “severe”. They can be either a complete hospital or a part of the hospital. The private hospitals shall also be designated to this category. These hospitals will hold complete set up of ICUs, beds with oxygen support and ventilator units.

The Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare has reported that India’s tally of coronavirus cases has risen to 5,734. Of these, 5,095 are active cases. 166 people have died so far while 473 people have recovered and 1 has migrated.

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