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15 most stunning, beautiful and hot photos of Akanksha Puri

Here are 15 hot,sexy, bold and beautiful images of model cum actress Akanksha Puri


Actress cum model Akanksha Puri has been hitting headlines since her beau Paras Chhabra was slammed by Salman Khan for cheating on her in Bigg Boss 13. The ‘Bharat’ star had a series of questions for Chhabra as he seemed to be getting too close with Mahira Sharma while his girlfriend is waiting for him outside.

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Akanksha Puri is a known name in Bollywood, Tamil and Malayalam film industry. She has earlier worked as a cabin crew and was spotted by a big production house in south. She soon bagged a film there. Puri was also seen in Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Calendar Girls’.

Akanksha has also worked in television series and is a hot favourite of fans. Pictures and videos of the actress go viral as soon as she shares them. She has taken the internet by storm through her hot, sexy, beautiful and adorable photos and videos. Jannat Zubair Hottest Photos

In this article, we have brought you some of her hot, sexy, stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, bold and adorable pictures of Akanksha Puri.

Akanksha Puri Photos: Some sizzling, hot and bold pictures.

1 Akanksha Puri looks stunning:

Akanksha Puri looks stunning:

2 Pretty Girl:

Pretty Girl:

3 Diva:


4 Akanksha Puri’s Sultry Look:

Akanksha Puri’s Sultry Look:

5 Beautiful:


6 Swag:


7 Dazzling:


8 Akanksha Puri looks Ravishing:

Akanksha Puri looks Ravishing:

9 Exquisite:


10 Lovely:


11 Akanksha Puri is looking enchanting:

Akanksha Puri is looking enchanting:

12 Marvelous:


13 Elegant:


14 Stylista:


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