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How Mobile VPNs can Revolutionize Your Enterprise

VPNs are becoming increasingly popular and might soon even be a typical part of web browsing security.


Virtual Private Networks have been around for a while and are getting increasingly secure in an ever unprotected world. Consumer VPNs are a great option for the average Joe, but for enterprises, a mobile or enterprise VPN can make all the world’s difference. The benefits of using an enterprise VPN will be discussed below.

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VPNs are made to protect data that’s going from one place to another over an internet connection. But that connection isn’t always secure, especially if it’s public WiFi. Most people who are familiar with VPN services use them to either keep their data safe while they’re traveling or to access geo-blocked content.

VPNs are becoming increasingly popular and might soon even be a typical part of web browsing security. However, they’re mostly made for commercial use by the general public.

There are more ways than one to use a VPN though, and it’s an excellent option for any business network, too.

Why Use a Mobile VPN?

An enterprise needs something more robust and commercial VPNs just aren’t cut out to handle it. Simply put, they don’t offer the kind of bandwidth or customization that a business needs. Of course, that doesn’t make them bad. They’re just built for a consumer who wants something that’s easy to use without too many complicated bells and whistles.

Commercial VPNs are limited in the amount of bandwidth they provide, mainly due to them being reliant on the public internet. Users that connect to a VPN also still use their ISP’s bandwidth connection, so the provider still limits the speed.

Mobile VPNs don’t have this issue, however, since they offer powerful VPN clients that will allow businesses to build their own remote access VPN infrastructures. It puts control into the hands of professionals and allows them to directly influence the security measures they put in place.

Mobile VPN Networks Aimed at Enterprises

Some service providers offer VPN solutions that are specifically designed for business networking. These VPN solutions provide a much higher bandwidth cap, often something around 100 Gbps and offer advanced networking protocols that are more robust.

They also use private networks that run on the same public network as the rest of the internet, but they rather connect two or more locations on a new network.

Some popular enterprise VPN services are run by big wireless networking carriers like Verizon and AT&T.

What Sets Mobile VPNs Apart?

Commercial VPNs are made to be used by one or a couple of users at most. They usually don’t cater to the specific needs a company may have. But they do share some similarities with enterprise VPNs. Both services are generally regarded to be very reliable, and service providers make sure networks are secure and stay private.

Enterprise networks generally support almost all types of wireless and terrestrial networking solutions. Companies who want to make use of a mobile VPN will have access to an assortment of connection options. This includes all the major connection platforms like wireless, fiber from data centers, LTE, and broadband. They can handle large amounts of traffic from businesses and securely send data across any type of connection.

Different enterprise services will also offer various features, and companies can negotiate different packages depending on their needs. These features can include things like flexible routing options, MPLS support, and application-aware networks.

Voice-over-IP is another important feature that most enterprise VPN services support. This is a handy feature because a standard internet connection doesn’t support QoS. Which leaves much to be desired in the area of voice and video communication over a network. Of course, video communication services do work without a VPN, but quality often suffers a lot.

In Conclusion

Enterprise VPNs are a much more secure option for businesses and provide an increased level of fortitude to cloud services.

Just keep in mind that, while commercial VPNs are often cheap or even free, enterprise VPNs aren’t. Still, given how many security benefits a mobile VPN offers, it’s hard to justify forgoing the benefits due to its price.

Businesses that opt for this type of VPN will likely have to negotiate with providers to make sure they get a good deal. But it also depends on their needs and their application of the service’s features.

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