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How To Make YouTube Channel To Earn Money: Step-by-step Guide 

YouTube has become a serious career option today. If you have been wondering where to kickstart your YouTube journey, then here's a complete guide on how influencers make money through YouTube videos. Check out step- by-step guide to making a YouTube channel


All thanks to the evolution in the digital space that hundreds of new career options have evolved out of it. YouTube has legitimately become one of the serious career options today. Influencers are earning pretty much more than an average 9 to 5 office employee. Who doesn’t love watching videos on YouTube? Well, creating such videos for the audience is more fun. Creating a YouTube channel has become so easy like never before. In a matter of few minutes, one can create a channel and start posting videos to make an audience base. If you have been wondering to kickstart your YouTube journey, then you are at the right. Here we take you through a step-by-step guide on how to make a YouTube channel, how to post videos, how to start earning from YouTube, who are the top YouTube celebs and much more.

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How to make YouTube Channel?

  1. First, decide your niche- What type of videos you want to make?
  2. Create a strategy. Make a list of topics you want to highlight in the video
  3. Gather beginner equipment. Camera, Mic, Editing Software, Camera stand, Laptop for editing
  4. Get registered on the YouTube channel and set up the channel
  5. Shoot your first-ever video. Don’t shy out of experimenting even if you do mistakes
  6. Post your first video
  7. Make sure to promote this video on social media
  8. The aim is to gain subscribers. Start with baby steps
  9. Now commit yourself to be consistent on the channel
  10. Once you are eligible for the monetization, your videos will start making money for you

How to make YouTube channel

How to earn money from YouTube?

  1. Be consistent on YouTube to increase your subscribers and views 
  2. You need to have 1,000 subscribers on the channel
  3. And videos should generate 4,000 Watch Time hours over the period of 12 months
  4. Now set up your AdSense account set up (mandatory to get paid through AdSense)
  5. Make sure you apply for monetization after you start the channel
  6. Learn to use YouTube studio for real-time analytics and other insights into the channel
  7. Read and agree to the YouTuber Partner Program terms
  8. Once your channel and videos start hitting the target, your AdSense account will reflect the earned amount

How to make YouTube channel, step-by-step guide

How to become a successful YouTuber in 2021?

It’s never too late to claim your fame. Although there are thousands of people creating videos daily, not all of them are earning equally. YouTube is a platform with equal opportunities and great competition. In order to rule the platform, you need to make great videos. Successful YouTubers today are known to have stick to their strategy for years in order to earn a great amount. Here are few tricks:

  1. Choose Your Niche & Be Consistent
  2. Prepare Equipment You Need & Make Great Quality Videos
  3. Set Schedule (Don’t Miss Your Schedule)
  4. Always Present Something New
  5. Build Up Social Media Promotions
  6. Build Up A Great YouTube Channel- One With An Intension and Message
  7. Engage With Users. Reply To Comments

How to make YouTube channel

How to make videos for YouTube channel?


You can use a mobile phone, GoPro or any type of camera to make videos. Make sure to shoot videos that are pleasing to the audience. Be confident and clear with what you can say. Use a great backdrop for the shot set-up, because the audience would notice every detail in the video.

How to make YouTube channel


If you invest in the camera and other equipment, then make sure to also invest in sound equipment. Purchasing a good quality mic will dramatically enhance the quality of the video. Although the camera’s and mobile phones have sound-absorbing qualities, these don’t capture it clearly. In order to get rid of noise from the surrouding, you can get a great quality mic.

How to make YouTube channel


Videos are nothing without exposure of light. Many influencers shoot the videos standing in front of their windows or they prefer shooting on outdoor locations, these great options of saving money at the initial stage. If you plan to shoot indoor, then you must have a great quality light that can enhance the video aesthetics.

How to make YouTube channel


Making videos is for no good if you don’t know how to edit them before posting on YouTube channels. Invest yourself in editing software and become a pro at editing videos. Maintain your own style as per the channel’s requirement.

How to make YouTube channel


There are millions of videos uploaded every day on YouTube and you don’t want to miss an opportunity of attracting your audience. Learn editing pictures to make cool thumbnails for your videos. A perfect thumbnail will make your audience click on the play option. If they won’t play the videos, the ads won’t be shown on your videos and you won’t make money from AdSense.


Once you invest so much time and effort to make YouTube videos, you also need to make sure of promoting them on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms are potential audience pullovers when it comes to promoting the videos.

How to make YouTube channel

Top YouTubers In The World?

1. T-series Hindi with 185 million subscribers
2. Cocomelon English with 113 million subscribers
3. PewDiePie English with 110 million subscribers
4. SET India Hindi  with 106 million subscribers
5. Kids Diana Show English with  79.7 million subscribers
6. WWE English with 78.3 million subscribers
7. Like Nastya Russian with 74.6 million subscribers
8. Zee Music Company Hindi with 73.8 million subscribers
9.5-Minute Crafts English with 72.6 million subscribers
10. Vlad and Niki English with  68.7 million subscribers

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