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Improve your hydration to improve your health!

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Here are seven habits that you can develop to keep yourself and your family hydrated.

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1. Try water a bit before breakfast.
When you get up in the morning the first thing you should do is drink at least 500 ml of water which will not only detox you but also the capacity of water intake is high during the morning.  Also, the body is at rest the whole night so the water percentage is low and if you hydrate it then it will not only flush out all toxins but also begin your day with better biochemical balance.

2. Drink water-rich foods.
Don’t like to drink plain water? No problem. Many foods, such as juice, soups, fruits, vegetables, and milk are 80 to 90 percent water. While it’s healthier to get in the habit of drinking a lot of plain water but you can always try: water-logged fruits, such as you guessed it, watermelon, 100% real fruit popsicles, fruit-rich smoothies, and plain water flavored with fresh fruit.
3. Find Fluid companions.

This purely means carry a water bottle with you always. And of course, filled with water-based healthy drinks without adding sugar or like said earlier that plain water is the best companion.
4. Watch out for water thieves.
The caffeine based drinks like tea, coffee, and colas, along with alcoholic beverages, as these have diuretic effects.
we understand you need some boost for the day but try out some good quality caffeine like green tea. But strictly say no to aerated drinks.

5. Say yes to some lemonade.
Yes! you heard it right, it is some lemonade because of sugar or have a sugar free lemonade which is little difficult with the taste of citrus in lemon.

6. Try water for weight loss.
Can you drink more and weigh less? Yes, thanks to a biological quirk that is friendly to fat reducers. Your body is a natural water heater. When you drink water, which is nearly always a lower temperature than your body, the body expends energy (and therefore calories) to bring the water up to its own temperature. So you’re not only drinking a non-caloric beverage, you’re burning calories! That’s a darn good drinking deal. Your body can burn around 100 calories a day using energy to heat a gallon of cool water that you drink. That translates into nearly a pound of fat loss in a month. Beware of any weight loss programs that advise drinking less water. Water contributes to health by helping the kidneys flush toxins out of the body. When the kidneys are working optimally, other organs of the body, especially the liver, are more in balance.

7. Watch out for water diets.
Beware of crash diets and – their often unhealthy — claims that you can lose a lot of weight fast. Especially suspicious are the “high-something” diets, such as high carb, high protein, high grapefruit, etc., which tend to not only be nutritionally unbalanced but can be downright dangerous. These diets often cause you to lose a lot of water. Yes, you may weigh less, but it’s usually temporary. You don’t lose fat, which is your real goal. Essentially what happens is you urinate out the weight rather than burn off the fat, and soon your body decides it wants that water back.

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