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Amid Standoff With China, Indian Army Moves Tanks Near LAC

India-China LAC Standoff continues; Army Deplys Tanks Near Chumar, Depsang and Chushul sectors


Amid the growing tension with neighbouring country China, the Indian Army has decided to strengthen its position. They have deployed tanks at the forward areas such as Chumar, Depsang, and Chushul sectors. T-90 and T-72 tanks along with BMP-2 infantry combat vehicles are at the LAC. They are crucial for the defence of the Ladakh sector.

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The Indian Army has brought T-90 tanks to the Depsang plains where Chinese troops are preventing patrols from going to patrolling points (PPs) 10-13.

Check out the video tweeted by ANI here,

The videos show rows of T-90 tanks and BMP vehicles in Chumar-Demchock. These tanks have the ability to operate even at minus 40 degrees Celsius. It is possibly the highest deployed tank formation anywhere in the world.

The army is preparing to stay put at forwarding posts in the winter. “Fire and Fury Corps is the only formation of the Indian Army and also in the world to have actually deployed mechanized forces in such harsh terrain. Maintenance of tanks, infantry combat vehicles, and heavy guns is a challenge in this terrain,” said Major General Arvind Kapoor, the Chief of Staff of 14 Corps.

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had issued what was seen as a clear warning to China. He had stated that India is serious about its sovereignty” and the country is prepared to ensure that it is maintained. But he maintained that the nation is ready to resolve the issue in a peaceful manner.

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