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Intel To Demonstrate Solutions To Power 5G Future At MWC 2019


Development in 5G tech is speeding up and the latest generation cellular mobile communication platform is all set to hit the world in 2020. 5G is different due to its high-end features which revolutionize the IoT and mobile world. Succeeding the current 4G spectrum, our max power to communicate, 5G is the real game changer.

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Leading brands ruling consumer-tech category had started revealing their future to adopt 5G early than expected. Whether it is about a Smartphone or other devices that work on mobile communication, 5G is the next big upgrade. Intel the second largest valued semiconductor chip maker has shared a media alert about demonstrating solutions to power the 5G Future in MWC 2019.

Come experience compelling use cases highlighting the power of 5G across client, cloud, network and edge, enabling Intel customers to deliver new innovative capabilities and scalable and efficient business models. As the world moves beyond connecting billions of humans to connecting billions of “things,” Intel’s world-class data-centric technologies and solutions will drive 5G’s usefulness and presence everywhere. – Intel Media Alert.

Intel focused on sharing the power of 5G and its implementations on a different platform to offer Intel Consumers a technical advancement. Intel also emphasized about “things” which is IoT the Smart devices that are slowly becoming a important part of  consumer lifestyle.

Smart Home Gadgets or IoT Devices are specifically designed to ease daily life. With the help of active internet connectivity, the devices can sync massive data and offer a scalable service in the sector of home, medical, transport, fitness, etc.

Between Feb 25 to 28, Intel will reveal how 5G will can help us to improve and enhanced our daily lives. The major aspects of Intel’s showcase are based on delivering 5G expanded capacity in manufacturing, edge computing, gigabits speeds, and Intel partner ecosystem.

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