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Jharkhand: Three students drown in Jonha falls while bathing


In what comes across as a tragic instance, three students drowned in Jonha Falls, about 21 km from the Jharkhand headquarters on August 11.

The police said that the four students had gone for a picnic during which three of them drowned while taking a bath, a few meters away and from the actual site of the waterfall.

Silli DSP and District Police Spokesperson Satish Jha said, “Four students of standard XI and XII were on a day out to Jonha Falls, of which three were drowned, while one had a close shave when they were taking bath in it. While taking bath, two of them went little deeper inside the water and started drowning in the water current following which the other two friends also jumped into the water to rescue them but they also could not save.”

“One of them also got drowned along with them but the fourth one somehow managed to come out of water and save his life,” he added.

DSP also said that all the four students belonged to Koderma and were staying in a lodge in Ranchi to attend coaching classes. All the students were from Agrasen Gali Jhumri Talaya and stayed in PP Compound, the Eenadu India news portal reported. Those who drowned have been identified as Anshuman Gupta, Rahul Kumar and Raj Yaduvanshi while Ritik Kumar had a close shave as he managed to escape from the water.

Police said that the incident took place at around 2 pm when the water level of the water body increased without warning. Hundru, Dassam and Jonha waterfalls are located on the peripheries of Ranchi and attract thousands of tourists every year and reportedly a number of fatal accidents in the past few years.

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