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#JusticeForPriyankaReddy: Bollywood Celebs Express Shock and Demand For Justice

B-Town stars demand justice for Priyanka Reddy, a Hyderabad vet.


Bollywood celebrities like Farhan Akhtar, Akshay Kumar, Rakul Preet Singh, and many other expresses rages over the alleged gang-rape and murder of a 27-year-old veterinarian named Priyanka Reddy in Hyderabad. She was burnt alive after she was raped and her body was found at Shadnagar outskirts in Telangana’s Ranga Reddy district.

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The horrifying act has left the whole country fuming with anger.  Netizens took to Twitter to express their rage. #RIPPriyankaReddy and #JusticeForPriyankaReddy are the two top trending hashtags on Twitter. Not only that, but B-Town celebs also took to their Twitter and shared their views on the same.

Check out the tweets:

Akshay Kumar:

“Whether it is #PriyankaReddy in Hyderabad, #Roja in Tamil Nadu or the law student gangraped in Ranchi,we seem to be losing it as a society. It has been 7 yrs to the gut-wrenching #Nirbhaya case & our moral fabric continues to be in pieces.We need stricter laws.This needs to STOP!”

Farhan Akhtar:

“What those men did to #Priyanka_Reddy is another dark reminder of how unsafe we’ve allowed our society to become by not delivering swift and telling justice in these cases..!
Heart goes out to her family in their hours of unimaginable grief.”

Yami Gautam:

“Anger,sorrow ,shock ..how could these inhuman,unimaginable crimes against women still happen despite such strong uproar & awareness ! Do these demons have no fear of punishment or law,,Where are we going wrong & lagging behind as a system & as a society,,,#JusticeForPriyankaReddy”

Dia Mirza:

“This heinous crime perpetrated is too painful… I can never fathom how a person can ever do something like this… Our law guarantees justice. I am grateful to the #CyberabadPolice for the arrest of the 4 culprits. Thoughts and prayers with Dr.Priyanka’s family. #RipPriyanka”

Abhishek Bachchan:

“When will this stop???
Sickened to read about #DrPriyankaReddy
Prayers with her family and near & dear ones. We can’t and we mustn’t go on like this. Something has to be done. And fast!!! #RIPPriyanakaReddy”

Richa Chadha:

“Men rape women. Other men get online and threaten to rape women for not making enough noise about the rape. What do you want losers? It’s not a communal issue, it’s a gender issue. If you want to make a change, start with yourself. We are raising sons wrong in this country.”

Kajal Aggarwal:

“So furious. Wonder if there’s any safe place whatsoever. Tragic to see women victimised every day. Capital punishment to the guilty is a must. Adequate safety is the need of the hour. Let’s not wait for a situation to become an emergency.#JusticeForPriyankaReddy”

Nidhhi Agerwal:

“This has saddened me to my core. Human being inhumane. This needs to stop. This is what we know of, imagine how many cases we don’t know about. Women or men, every individual needs to be treated with basic respect. These men deserved to be punished. #JusticeForPriyankaReddy”

Vijay Deverakonda:


“Heart wrenching incident which bleeds my heart and fills me with so much anger!! Condemning this horrific act is just NOT enough. It is just NOT ENOUGH #Priyanka_Reddy #JusticeForPriyankaReddy”

May Priyanka’s soul Rest In Peace!

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