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Kangana Ranaut States She Heard Gunshots Near Manali Home

Kangana Ranaut shared that she heard a loud sound at 11.30 pm


Kangana Ranaut has stated that she heard gunshots near her home in Manali on Friday night. The ‘Tannu Weds Mannu’ actor believes it’s an attempt to intimate her after she ‘made comments about the chief minister’s son.’

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Speaking to The Times of India, Kangana Ranaut shared that she heard a loud sound at 11.30 pm. She called her guard to check on it. When the police arrived, they suspected someone must have been firing a gun to scare away bats from apple orchards. However, when Kangana asked her neighbors about it, they denied doing it.

Kangana said that she knows what gunshots sound like and suspects foul play. “I have heard the sound of a bullet and I think it was definitely a bullet, very intently fired twice, two shots with a gap of about eight seconds between them. And it was right opposite my room. So it seems like someone was behind the boundary walls, there’s a jungle and a water body there,” she said.

“I do feel that, you know, because I have made a political comment on people who are known for their goondagardi. So this may have been a small-time alarming call for me that okay, you know, don’t talk like that about us or something like that… to me seems like that, because such an activity has never happened here before. And I have witnesses who have also heard it along with me,” she said. “I think some local people may have been hired to come near my place, you know, it is not difficult to pay someone seven-eight thousand rupees here and assign them something like this. To do this to make a statement on the day I called out the chief minister’s son – I don’t think it was a coincidence. People are telling me that they will now make your life miserable in Mumbai. Well, I don’t have to be in Mumbai, they are doing it here also. Is there open goondagardi in this country? This is how Sushant must have been frightened. But I will continue to ask questions,” she added.

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