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Choose happiness daily and happiness will choose you back


You may have come across a saying that happiness is within you, but when you stay in a metropolitan city, your health is affected by many things. A scientific study says that keeping in touch with family, friends and close relationships has the greatest protective effect on health. So what is holding you back to meet and spend time with your friends or maintaining healthy relations with your family members? All you need to do is plan to meet and spent quality time with your close ones.

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Moving your body is very important, when you are in office, most of the time you end up sitting on a chair at one place for long working hours. This gives rise to back problems, weight gain and stress. To avoid such problems which later pile up and become severe, it is better to move, get off your chair and walk around.

When you are in your house, do not just be indoors, inhale some fresh air for which you can go out in the garden or go for early morning walks and enjoy the sunlight.  And if you are following some exercise as your daily routine, then there is no other better way to boost your metabolism and enhance your mood than this.

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Simplify your life by adopting simple yet significant changes like organizing things around you. Clearing your messy desk and accepting good vibes from those who act as recipient in your life. If friends are not available to meet then watch a web series or just come home switch on the TV with some music channel and just move to the tunes. Reading activity will be the best option to go with as it will take you in a different zone completely.

Happiness is a state of mind and a self derived right which comes with satisfaction but we forget to acknowledge it; hence we often end up having a lot of complaints instead of  making the best use of it.  Do not hesitate to speak out. Why do you think that couples are happier than the one who are single? Because they share their feelings with each other, they generate a conversation and that’s what keeps them moving.

Studies also say that if you indulge into some research or study, even that can make you happy. Have you ever thought why doctors advice you to eat nuts like almond or walnuts? Because these nuts create higher level of serotonins in the brain which ultimately makes you feel wonderful.

The final thing to follow for a happier life is to hope. The functioning of human life is all hope and if you hold on to it then the pain will end. These are the hacks for living a happier life.

Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing can make you happy until you choose to be happy.

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