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Kumkum Bhagya Jan 02, 2020 written update: Ranbir becomes nervous in front of Pragya and Sarita

In Kumkum Bhagya upcoming episode Ranbir and Aryan to reach Prachi's residence


In Kumkum Bhagya Jan 01, 2020 written update: Aliya advises to Rhea not to confront Ranbir. In fact, she asks her to behave as a good girl instead only so he can realize his mistake. Moreover, Aliya asks Rhea to throw Prachi out of Ranbir’s heart as much as possible.

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In addition to this, Prachi is irritated on being repeatedly asked about Ranbir by everybody. Thereafter, she tells Pragya and Sarita that Ranbir flirts with most girl and is an immature boy who is absolutely not serious in life.

What’s next is, Prachi’s words remind Pragya of Abhi who had more of similar characteristics like Ranbir. It is then that Prachi describes about the boy she would like to love in front of Pragya and Sarita. In the meantime, Rhea tries to impress Ranbir through her good behaviour.

Sometime later, she goes in search of Sanju. Furthermore, Ranbir is the one who is not be able to remember whether he had proposed Prachi the other night or not. So, he then enquires about the same from his friend Aryan. After which, the two of them finally head towards Prachi’s residence in order to find out the truth anyhow. Nonetheless, Ranbir is quite nervous and talks about several things in front of Aryan.

Talking about Kumkum Bhagya Jan 02, 2020 upcoming episode, Ranbir and Aryan are sitting in front of Pragya and Sarita. Following which, Aryan tells Ranbir that it seems like the latter is getting a good treatment as if like a son-in-law in the house. Additionally, they talk about how Sarita is starring at him. What will happen now? Stay hooked to The Live Mirror to find out.

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