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This is your Marvel Superhero character based on your Zodiac Sign

Check out the Marvel Superhero character that best represents your Sun Sign


Avengers: Endgame‘ the finale of the Marvel films has created a buzz around the world. Fans of the superheroes are waiting impatiently to watch the Final Battle being fought between their favorite character and Thanos and also who will survive the battle?

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If you are a die-hard fan of the Avengers, have you ever wondered which superhero’s personality resonates with yours, according to your Zodiac Sign?

Here are the Marvel Characters who best represent your Sun Sign:

Aries – Iron Man:

Aries is one of the strong personalities with high energy and they are also known for their love to be in a spotlight. Aries also has a warm heart and are incredibly smart. They use their brains at every opportunity. All these qualities are to be found in Iron Man.

Taurus – Black Panther:

You are practical and grounded but are quite emotional inside. People born under this sign are emotional and sympathetic. They are also brave and face adversities fearlessly. Black Panther possesses all these qualities.

Gemini – Hulk:

Gemini is a two-sided mystery of the zodiac. We never know what is going on in their minds as they are very unpredictable. But all in all, you are fun-loving and soul of a party but you need stimulation. Hulk is the one for you as he also has two sides to his personality and most of your traits.

Cancer – Ant-Man:

Cancer is a ball of emotions for whom family, home is of utmost importance. They never reveal their feelings but keep it hidden. Cancer never opens up easily but only with those who have managed to gain their trust. They are also known for their tenacity. All these traits are in Ant-Man.

Leo – Thor:

Leo’s are ruled by the Sun and are not only born leaders but also have a warm and compassionate heart. They have endless confidence and love to help others. At heart, they are also competitors and fierce fighters. Thor has all these qualities ingrained in him.

Virgo – Captain America:

Virgo’s are endowed with a practical and analytical mind. They are also quite hardworking and tender-hearted but misunderstood at times. Virgo’s too need stimulation to get hooked to a project. Captain America is so like you.

Libra – Gamora:

Librans are obsessed with balance and symmetry. They are constantly on the hunt for justice and equality. Their love for intellectual debate about humanity and law is known to all. These qualities are in Gamora.

Scorpio – Black Widow:

Scorpia feels everything deeply be it love or hatred. They will be quite devoted to the ones they love and are quite a dangerous foe. Scorpians are also fierce fighters who will protect the ones closest to them with dedication. Black Widow is known for all these qualities.

Sagittarius – Hawkeye:

Sagittarius sign is known for being enthusiastic, optimistic and a need to explore the world. They have an idealistic viewpoint and love exploring and experiencing new things and places. They are also known for their sense of humor that comes to their aid during sticky situations. Hawk-Eye is the best example.

Capricorn – Doctor Strange:

Capricornians are serious in nature and have a tendency to be stiff and stubborn. They are quite reluctant to accept change and prefer to follow the traditional path. They also shy from an overt display of emotions. Doctor Strange is the best example.

Aquarius – Captain Marvel:

Aquarians are highly intellectual people and have a tendency to run from the emotional side. It is difficult to truly connect with them as they live in their own world. They cannot bear silly people and are partial to brainy ones. Captain Marvel is the best example of an Aquarian

Pisces – Spider-Man:

Dreamy, romantic with deep feelings and a little shy is how you describe a Pisces. They are naturally compassionate and generous in nature and are always helping out people in need. Pisces is the most selfless sign in all zodiac and Spider-Man is one such.

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