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Shocking: NASA investigates first crime committed in space

NASA astronaut accused of hacking ex-partner's bank account from space station


In a first, space agency NASA is investigating a crime committed in space where an astronaut hacked bank account of estranged partner while she was living at International Space Station (ISS). These shocking accusations have been made against astronaut Anne McClain by her estranged partner Summer Worden.

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As reported by a source to New York Times, Worden has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. A family member also filed a complaint with NASA’s internal office of inspector general and accused McClain of “identity theft and improper access” to Worden’s financial records.

The report further adds, As per Worden, her bank account was accessed without her permission from a Nasa-affiliated computer network. After doing some further digging, the former Air Force intelligence officer (Worden) accused McClain of breaking into her bank accounts while she was on board the ISS.

Worden said her bank “did give evidence to my attorneys that she did access my bank accounts, according to NBC affiliate KPRC.

Astronaut Anne McClain and Summer Worden are in a custody battle over a 6-year-old son who was conceived through in vitro fertilization and who was carried by a surrogate. The court battle has also included allegations that Worden assaulted McClain.

McClain, who was on a six-month mission to ISS and has returned to Earth admitted that she did access the account while she was onboard the ISS but has denied any wrongdoing. Rusty Hardin, McClain’s lawyer claimed that her client was merely looking out for the former couple’s still-connected finances.

NASA’s Office of Inspector General has been looking into the case.

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