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Biggest Meteor Explosion Near Earth Atmosphere – Video Chelyabinsk 2013

Second Largest Meteor Explosion Since 30 Years


NASA detected a huge Meteor explosion near Earth’s atmosphere, which is said to be ten times stronger than Hiroshima atomic bomb, which took place in December last year. However, NASA did not reveal much info about the explosion. If NASA is anything to go by, the explosion took place over the Bering Sea, Off Russia’s the Kamchatka Peninsula.

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The energy released during the Meteor explosion was ten times more than the atomic bomb detonated at Hiroshima in 1945. The fireball detected is biggest since one detected in the year 2013 over Chelyabinsk in Russia that shattered windows and left everyone in shock.

Watch Meteor Explosion Video Below:

The Meteor is been detected as several meters in diameter crashed the atmosphere with over 32kms speed and exploded around 25.6km(16 miles) above the earth surface. Near-Earth objects observations programme manager at NASA – Kelly Fast told BBC – That was 40% the energy release of Chelyabinsk, but it was over the Bering Sea so it didn’t have the same type of effect or show up in the news.

According to the report, it was the second-largest of its kind since 1908, after a meteor that exploded over the Russian region of Chelyabinsk six years ago. As per Sky news, the blast damaged over 7,000 buildings and injured almost 1,000 people, many of whom were standing near windows to record the meteor on their phones.

Source: BBC

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