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Netizens react to description about ‘modern girl’ as ‘self-centered’ in CBSE textbook


Recently, it was observed that in CBSE, ICSE, ISC textbook for the Secondary and Higher Secondary School students defined the meaning of ‘modern girl’. As per the textbook definition, a ‘modern girl’ is too selfish to think about others and cares only about clothes and cosmetics.

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This is published in a book of essays called ‘Current School Essays and Letters’ that is meant for 15-16 year-old school children and is written by Kolkata-based author Purabi Chakraborty. There is an essay that states ‘She is more of a self-centred creature than a loving daughter or sympathetic sister. She is eager to enjoy life fully and so she does not want to miss any party, cinema show, concert, fashion parades and such outdoor activities. She talks and makes friends with boys freely and easily.”

Abhik Hazara who is in Kolkata based shared the image of book when he noticed this in his cousin’s book. Not only this but the book also highlights upbringing of so called ‘modern girl’ by her parents. As soon as the image was shared by Abhik, it went viral and netizens expressed their views regarding it.

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Here are some social media reactions:

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