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Nikki Haley: Pakistan continues to harbour terrorists that turn around and kill American soldiers


US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said, “Pakistan continues to harbour terrorists that turn around and kill American soldiers,” adding that Washington should not give Islamabad even a dollar until it addresses the issue.

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Talking to the magazine ‘The Atlantic’, Haley said that the US did not need to give money to countries that wish harm to America, go behind its back and try and stop us from doing things.

“I think there should be a strategic view on which countries we partner with, which ones we count on to work with us on certain things, and move forward accordingly. I think we just blindly allow money to keep going without thinking that this is real leverage. We have to use it,” she said.

“The one example I’ll give you is, look at Pakistan. Giving them over a billion dollars, and they continue to harbour terrorists that turn around and kill our soldiers – that’s never okay. We shouldn’t even give them a dollar until they correct it. Use the billion dollars. That’s not a small amount of change,” Haley added.

It is to be noted that Haley, who was the first Indian-American ever appointed to a Cabinet position in any US presidential administration, will step down as the UN envoy at the end of this year. In October, Haley announced that she was leaving the post by the end of the year. The 46-year-old former South Carolina governor has served nearly two years in the post.

In September, the Trump administration cancelled USD 300 million in military aid to Islamabad for not doing enough against terror groups active on its soil.

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