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Nirav Modi’s Sister & Brother-In-Law Turn Approvers In PNB Case

Nirav’s sister and brother in law opt for pardon, to testify against him in PNB Case


Fugitive diamond jeweller Nirav Modi’s younger sister and brother-in-law have turned approvers and will testify against him. Nirav’s sister Purvi Mehta and her husband, Maiank Mehta will be witnesses against him in two cases filed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Modi is the prime accused in a ₹13,500-crore fraud at Punjab National Bank (PNB).

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Last month Purvi Mehta and her husband, Maiank Mehta had filed applications before the court. They had stated that they could provide “substantial and important evidence” relevant to him and his dealings. Special Judge V C Barde allowed their applications for pardon. But on condition that they make full and true disclosures. The court said the pardon was granted only to them.

The ED has claimed that Purvi was an active participant in the generation of proceeds of crime and in money laundering with Modi. But Purvi has maintained that she had no knowledge of these transactions. Maiank and Purvi, in separate applications seeking a pardon, said they were not prime accused and had only a limited role to play in the cases against Modi.

Their lawyer, Amit Desai, said that because of Modi’s alleged criminal activities, the Mehta’s personal and professional lives had been brought to a standstill. He added that the two have also distanced themselves from the diamond trader.

Modi is the prime accused in a ₹13,500-crore fraud at Punjab National Bank (PNB). He was declared a fugitive economic offender in 2019 and is currently facing extradition proceedings in the UK.

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