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High FPS Crucial For Getting Edge In Battle Royale Game – Nvidia


Nvidia shared a report that spoke about why high FPS matters a lot when it comes to Battle Royale games like Apex Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, etc. The information shared by the GPU leader talks about a massive shift in the performance when the right technology is used as the power source.

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Nvidia ace in developing competitive hardware like the graphics cards optimized impeccably to deliver high fps to boost latency and subsidize gamer’s reaction time. With the help of a decent GPU powered by the latest tech, gamers can focus more impressively in refining their gaming performance.

Good fps means good response time, gamers can spot enemies well and react promptly based on their competitive instinct, this not possible on low-end hardware. Average players Kill/Death ratio in top battle royale games is proportionate to the GPU they are using according to Nvidia analysis.

The data is based on observation from real-world payers, where 99% of players know that high fps improves reaction time and competitive performance. Monitors with high refresh rate contribute a lot to Kill/Death ration, for example, a 144 Hz monitor with high fps is better in many ways.

Key Finds of Reports:

  • Higher FPS means that you see the next frame more quickly and can respond to it
  • Higher FPS on a high Hz monitor makes the image appear smoother, and moving targets easier to aim at. You are also less likely to see micro stutters or “skip pixels” from one frame to the next as you pan your crosshair across the screen
  • Higher FPS combined with G-SYNC technologies like Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) makes objects and text sharper and easier to comprehend in fast-moving scenes

Click here to read the full report by Nvidia to get a detailed overview of Kill Death Ratio and the indispensable relation between hardware and games.

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