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Ooty Summer Festival 2019: Events, Traditional Dance Performances And Tips

Ooty Summer Festival 2019: A Mini Guide About this hill festival


Summer is here and the Hills in India have taken a festive look as they are hosting Summer Festivals. One of the most famous summer Festival is held in Ooty. The Ooty Summer Festival is a 121-year old event and starts from May 4th to May 27th this year. It is organized by the Tourism Department of Tamil Nadu, and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of India. They put up a number of shows and exhibitions to attract Tourism.

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Popular shows that bring in visitors not only from India but overseas too are the Flower Show, Spice Show, Vegetables Show, Rose Show, and Dog Show. Though every year, the summer festival in Ooty usually takes place for 16 days.

The exhibits highlight everything that defines the lifestyle and culture of Ooty. Along with these shows, the other major attractions are the boat races that take place on the Ooty Lake, The folk dances and also many other activities.

Best events to attend during the Ooty Summer festival 2019:

1. Flower Show:

The Ooty Flower Show is organized for showcasing the best flower sculptures, authentic & modern floral craftsmanship and artistry, and for encouraging the young artists. The Botanical Garden looks like a paradise thanks to the colorful wonders of nature. The flowers are grown into different shapes like building and animals, along with rare species of flora. The very first flower show ever held in the Botanical Gardens was in 1896.

2. Spice Show:

The Spice Show marks the beginning of the Ooty Summer Festival. It’s a two-day show that was first held in the year 2010. The Spice Show is held in the town of Gudalur, 1.5 hours away from Ooty. Food lovers and chefs explore the famous spices used in South Indian cuisine and buy them. This exhibition is worth visiting.

3. Fruit Show:

The Fruit Show is a great way of showing how art can be expressed through anything. This event is organized by the Horticulture Department and is famous for having a history of 50 years. It is usually held in Sim’s Park in Coonoor, another hill station not far from Ooty. It is worth a watch for the intricate ways the vegetables and fruits are arranged in various shapes.

4.Dog Show:

The Dog Show is a hot favourite of the animal lovers, in which proud owners show off their beautiful companions of varying breeds. Races and pageants are held along with competitions for the canines which are fun to watch. The Dog Show is held in Ooty at the Government Arts College, and it is organised by the South of India Kennel Club.

5. Rose Show:

The Rose Show is held at the government Rose Garden in Ooty, this show showcases more than 300 varieties of roses. The Rose Show showcases more than 3000 varieties of this bloom. People love to come to this one and admire the animals, and rangolis made of these flowers and their petals. This event is a wonder worth witnessing in itself.

6. The Vegetable Show:

The Vegetable Show is held an hour out of Ooty in the town of Kotagiri. It is held at the Nehru Park, since four years. More than 16,000 visitors pay a visit to the exhibition. Like the fruits and flowers, there are buildings, village scenes, and carved designs made out of fresh vegetables like farm animals and huts.

7. Boat Races:

The Boat Races are held at the Ooty Lake and is filled with fun and laughter. There is also boat pageantry that takes place in which the most handsome and well-kept boats are given prizes. The Boat Race and Pageantry is a lot of fun to watch.

The summer festival highlights everything that defines the lifestyle and culture of Ooty.

Tips For Visiting The Ooty Summer Festival:

  • Pre-book your tickets well in advance to avoid the last minute hassle.
  • Pick a hotel that is located nearby to the venue of most of the shows.
  • Carry your camera and an extra battery.
  • Carry a sunscreen, sunglasses, and all your essential medicines & toiletries.
  • Book tickets of the shows online to avoid long queues.

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