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Pankaj Kapoor Recalls How He Re-entered Shahid Kapoor’s Life After Divorcing Neelima Azmi

Veteran Bollywood Actor, Pankaj Kapoor Recalls How He Re-entered Son, Shahid Kapoor's Life After Divorcing Neelima Azmi


Today, Shahid Kapoor and his father, Pankaj is one such duo who is known for shelling out some major family goals for their fans. For those who don’t know, the father and son duo earlier were not too close to each other and they have always been vocal about how they made their relationship strong over the years. The veteran actor now spills the beans on becoming emotionally close to his son after divorcing his wise, Neelima Azeem.

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As per a recent report in Hindustan Times, Shahid Kapoor’s father, Pankaj informed them, “As Shahid said, it is very difficult to explain. For a father, to separate from his son is not easy. It was a huge emotional loss for me [the last time around] and I started living with the hope that there will come a time when we will come close to each other again. And today, it’s a great feeling to sit next to him, see his work or hear him speak and bond with the family.”

Back in the year 2015, Shahid informed the daily that he was extremely secure as a child, when his parent split, when he was just three years old. He also stated that his father and he always kept on the efforts to keep their relationship healthy, positive and normal.

Taking light on his relationship with Shahid, when divorced, Pankaj further continued saying, “Definitely, yes. I missed him every day, but there were professional constraints. What’s most fortunate is that once he turned 18, Shahid assisted me for a while, so we got to spend a lot of time with each other. Then, we started going on holidays together with the family, so the bonding increased, especially after we shifted to our new house.”

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