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Top 10 Tourist Destinations To Visit Chandigarh During Holidays 2019-20

Here are some top 10 best attractions to visit in Chandigarh


Welcome to Chandigarh, the city beautiful. This is the board in green that will let you in on at the entrance of the city. Once your car passes by the entrance, you’ll be amazed at what you will look further. Chandigarh, the name derives from the Hindu goddess of Power, Chandi, and the garh means beyond the city temple. The temple from where the name comes is on Chandigarh-Kalka road by the name of Chandi mandir.

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This beautiful city was designed by Le Corbusier who was a french architect. It is a union territory and a capital of two states; Haryana and Punjab. It is the only planned and organised city post-independence India. Also, the first planned city in the entire India. This resplendent, wondrous city is your dream place to visit. It boasts of galleries, museums, shopping markets, gardens. The excellent architecture serves a cherry on the top for the visitors. Especially foreigners for whom this place gives a feeling of being at home. In this article, we will talk about 10 best tourist destinations to visit in Chandigarh. Without any further ado, let’s take a look:

Top 10 Places To Visit In Chandigarh

1 Rock Garden : Witness the coolest  recycled sculptures

Rock Garden : Witness the coolest  recycled sculptures
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Rock garden holds number one place in Chandigarh for tourist attractions. This garden is most famous for its recycled sculptures made out of industrial waste material. Also knows an Nek Chand’s Rock garden. The garden was created by Nek Chand. The visitors love the garden for its uniqueness of aesthetic experience in seeing the sculptures made of plastic, bottles, bangles and all kinds of objects molded into one. It also has artificial waterfalls which makes the ambiance all the more pleasant. There is an entry ticket for Rock Garden starting from INR 30. Open all days. Although look out for entry timings.

2 Sukhna Lake : Escape from your worries here

Sukhna Lake : Escape from your worries here
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Next comes in top second position to visit in Chandigarh is Sukhna Lake. This Lake is close to the foothills of Shivalik Range. It is an artificial lake stretching at a distance of 3 k.m. Venue of Asian rowing championships. Residents usually do their morning jogging or exercise here or relax at dawn. It is an ideal place to get fresh air and unwind for a while, take a break from your life if you want. Like rowing? Well then, good news for you! There is also an arrangement to hire a boat and enjoy time with friends or family.

3 Rose Garden: The blossoming Heaven 

Rose Garden: The blossoming Heaven 
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Asia’s largest garden. Named after India’s president Zakir Husain. This is one real beauty you mustn’t forget to visit or skip from your visit list. Nature lovers, this place is especially made for you. Spread over 30 acres. The garden is planned in an organised manner by gardeners with expertise. The best time to visit this place is in February and March when the flowers have bloomed. A perfect place to stroll and let your hair down.

4 Sector 17 Market: Splurge into all your shopping desires

Sector 17 Market: Splurge into all your shopping desires
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A Pedestrian’s paradise for all. It is an open market that attracts tourists from everywhere. It has finest restaurants. International brands from Gucci, Louis Vuitton to local brands and handmade materials can be found here. Good for hanging around at cafes and eating joints. Best time to visit this place is during evening when all the lights glitter the market and there are some events happening in the vicinity.

5 Museum and Art Gallery: Check out some ancient collections

Museum and Art Gallery: Check out some ancient collections
Photo Credit: Justdial

Explore the museum by witnessing stone sculptures dating long back to Gandhara period, miniature paintings from Rajasthan. Moreover, look out for paintings from Artists and let yourself loose in the art culture that it displays. The entry is limited from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. so make sure you attend in that time period.

6 Pinjore Gardens: A peaceful retreat

Pinjore Gardens: A peaceful retreat
Photo Credit: Pinterest

The garden also called as Yadvinder Garden. It has fresh, sprinkling fountains, eye-catching greenery and tranquilizing water bodies. A Mughal garden made in 17th century. It is located in Panchkula. Between April to June the garden serves as the venue for Annual Mango Festival. If you are keen to have a picnic, this is the accurate spot for you to have a good time and have some good laughs. Besides, the garden also boasts of a Japanese Garden, a nursery and historic places. The garden is open for the public. Best time to visit Pinjore garden is from February to April and September to December as the weather is pleasant.

7 Mohali Cricket Stadium: For Cricket fans

Mohali Cricket Stadium: For Cricket fans
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Are you a cricket fan or an IPL fan? The stadium is in Mohali, Chandigarh. Home to Kings XI Punjab. The IPL team. Officially Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium. When you are around the Ipl season do buy a ticket and enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere of the stadium. The crowd goes crazy as they flood the arena during the Indian Premier League time.

8 Timber Trail: Bliss in the ropeway ride

Timber Trail: Bliss in the ropeway ride
Photo Credit: Pinterest

One of the oldest cable car in North of India. The timber trail is in Parwanoo. Take a ropeway ride from Chandigarh to Parwanoo. Located in the Shivalik range. Though Parwanoo is located 36 km from the city Chandigarh, it gives relief from the everyday stresses of city life. If you want to have a nature view from the top have a ride and embrace yourself in the lapse of nature. The journey in itself doesn’t take more than 20 minutes. Best time to visit the place during rainy season, summer vacation.

9 ChhattBir Zoo: Roam among the lions

ChhattBir Zoo: Roam among the lions
Photo Credit: Pinterest

The zoo offers a golden opportunity to roam around the lions. One of the attractions of this place is the Lion Safari. The distance of the zoo is 17 km from Chandigarh and 55 km from Patiala. This area enhances the charm of the zoo with its mesmerising environment. The main attraction of the Chhattbir zoo Chandigarh is the Royal Bengal Tiger. Right place for a picnic for the tourists as it comprises Jungle area, water body and huge wooded parks. Tourists can visit this place from Sunday to Saturday as it is closed on Monday. Even the timings and ticket prices must be noted before planning to visit the zoo.

10 ISKCON Temple Chandigarh: Find bliss in the divine 

ISKCON Temple Chandigarh: Find bliss in the divine 
Photo Credit: Pinterest

The famous ISKCON that is spread all over the world, also has it’s chain in Chandigarh. Located in the heart of Chandigarh, this temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. Clean, well-organised and calm. The temple is located in sector 36. During Janmashtami festival, people throng outside the temples waiting in queue to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna. The shrine gives the visitors peace and an air of bliss and ecstasy. Watch out for the timings before you enter the temple precinct as some hours in the day the temple might be closed.

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