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Pokemon Sword & Shield Is Getting Three New Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Sword & Shield to get three Gen 8 Pokemon


Pokemon Sword and Shield released last year and has since faced its shares of controversies and criticism. However, now the game is set to get new three new legendary Pokemon. Kubfu, Urshifu, and Calyrex are set to make their way to the world of Pokemon Sword and Shield. While Kubfu and Urshifu will make their debut with the Isle of Armor expansion, Calyrex will come with The Crown Tundra. The Isle of Armor is scheduled to arrive in June while The Crown Tundra will arrive in Fall 2020. The two new Pokémon Sword and Shield expansions will bring more than 200 Pokémon into the games.

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Kubfu and Urshifu are Legendary Wushu Pokemon. As revealed in the Direct, Kubfu is a Fighting-type Pokemon that lived in Galar before the Isle of Armor. This Pokemon also has the ability to Inner Focus and can evolve into the two forms of Urshifu after receiving the required training. Urshifu can be of Single Strike Style or Rapid Strike Style. While Single Strike Urshifu prefers bute force, Rapid Strike Urshifu strikes in a more sedate manner. In addition, Single Strike Urshifu is a Fighting and Dark type Pokemon but the Rapid Strike Urshifu is a Fighting and Water-type Pokemon. Both Pokemon forms have Unseen Fist ability. Moreover, they also have Gigantamax form.

The Crown Tundra expansion’s Calyrex, on the other hand, is a Psychic and Grass-type Legendary Pokemon. It is the king Pokemon who “ruled all of Galar in ancient times.” There are also references in the lore to this Pokemon’s ability to “see every past, present, and future event.” In addition, the king Pokemon also has Unnerve ability.

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