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Prem Chopra’s granddaughter ready to make her Bollywood debut


The lovely kid, Sanchi Bhalla, of Prem Chopra’s daughter Punita and TV actor Vikas Bhalla is set to make her big screen debut with Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol in the film titled Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas. She has amassed a huge following on social media and keeps them hooked with Instagram pictures that are double-tap worthy.

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She keeps her followers in the loop about her day-to-day activities and most of her pictures are drool-worthy because of their aesthetic value.

This mirror selfie amps her toned body that unapologetically says #effortlessworkoutgoals.
The petite, bombshell in black exudes indifference with her effortless chic. Black for the win!
Sanchi shares her aesthetic whilst lounging with more oomph than anybody that ever sat on a sofa casually could.
Mirror selfies seem to be this young scion’s forte. Her stance spells effortless.
This no make-up selfie shows her in a more casual chic mode with earphones in, shutting the world out.
All dolled-up, her smile seems to be a little too infectious to look forward to in her debut.
This birthday outfit of the day is another black number with a dash of blue and it definitely seems to accentuate her curves.
A picture with her father Vikas Bhalla and yet another bathroom mirror selfie.
The 19 year-old seems to be letting her hair down and is doing a rather good job at it.
Another mirror selfie with a friend that shows off a toned mid-riff.
With her girl gang on a night of club-tripping and partying.
When she went in for a messy lob with curls that definitely added more definition to her features.
Everbody needs a bit of vitamin-‘sea’ and what better lighting than a natural setting for a candid?

What remains to be seen is if she can leave a niche in the heart of Bollywood fans like, “Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra!”

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