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Rajnath Singh agrees with Shahid Afridi; takes jibe at Pakistan


Home Minister Rajnath Singh agreed with Shahid Afridi who had on Wednesday said on record in the UK that Pakistan isn’t even able to handle its four provinces, and it doesn’t want Kashmir.

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After being asked by reporters on Thursday, Rajnath Singh said, “He has said the right thing. Pakistan isn’t able to handle itself. Tomorrow, what will be able to handle Kashmir?” The Minister then made clear, “There is no question over Kashmir. It was a part of India, it is a part of India and it remains a part of India.”

Here are the exact words of Rajnath Singh:

Baat to thik kaha unhone. Woh Pakistan nahi sambhal pa rahe, Kashmir kya sambhal paayenge. Kashmir Bharat ka part tha, hai, aur rahega.

It is to be noted that Jammu and Kashmir has been a conflicted territory for the both India and Pakistan, with diplomats and politicians engaging in war of words with each other on daily basis. However, to resolve the Kashmir issue, Shahid Afridi advised simple formula — Let Kashmir be independent for the sake of humanity.

On Wednesday, addressing the students at British Parliament, Afridi said, “Don’t give Kashmir to Pakistan or India either. Let them be independent. Humanity is big thing. Human are being killed there (Kashmir). It hurts to see humans are being killed whatever religion they may belong.”

Later, despite voices in Pakistan also agreeing with Afridi, he went on the back foot and issued a tweet saying that his comments were being interpreted wrongly.

He further added that his comment was incomplete.

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