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7 reasons why you should climb stairs and skip the lift

Here are the reasons why you should take the stairs for keeping your health in check


We are all aware that when it comes to health we should be focusing daily instead of taking the easy way out or being lethargic. If we consciously make even minimal changes in our life then we can keep our health in check. In modern times, when there are so many means to track our daily walk or how many calories we burnt, we can also make some positive changes like take the stairs and skip the lift whenever we encounter this kind of scenario. There are many reasons how you can climb stairs and yet stay happy. The ideal way to stay fit and healthy is to look at our lifestyle and see to it that we can make some easy changes.

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Here are 7 reasons why you must opt for climbing stairs:

1. Beneficial for weight loss

For effective exercise and without the hassle of making out time for separate exercise, you can always climb stairs as a form of exercise. Climbing stairs will be beneficial and will help you lose weight effectively. Also, climbing stairs will tone your body and it is a great way of workout especially when you have to go to school, college or office daily.

2. Lower mortality Risk

Whether you believe it or not, climbing stairs can help you in many ways when it comes to fitness and health. As per a research, climbing 8 flights of stairs can lower the risk of early mortality by about 33 percent on average. Not only that, climbing stairs for 7 minutes every day can reduce the risk of a heart attack as well. So you can probably take the stairs everyday instead of considering it as an option.

3. Good for heart health

Besides, being beneficial for weight loss and lowering mortality risk, climbing stairs is also good for heart health. In fact, climbing the stairs is also considered to be an adequate cardiovascular activity. Moreover, it helps in reducing the risk of any serious illness as well. Apart from that, it also reduces the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes too.

4. A way of functional training

Climbing stairs is not just about daily exercise but it’s more than that. It can also turn out as functional training. Every time, you come across taking the stairs or the lift, take the stairs always. It will serve as being your functional activity and don’t forget how it can keep the joint in proper shape.

5. Good effect on mental health

Whether you hit the gym, do aerobics or simply take the stairs, any form of exercise will bring good effect on your mental health and turn out beneficial as well. In any case, you should climb the stairs as it is useful for the overall well-being and is one simple way to stay healthy physically as well as mentally.

6. Good for the Lungs

When you climb the stairs, it doesn’t just keep you in good shape and makes you feel better. It also works on our lungs and heart. Climbing the stairs increases lung capacity. In addition to what’s the really best thing about taking the stairs is you don’t have to think about the hazards that could possibly happen while you climb the stairs.

7. Decreases Osteoporosis Risk

There are numerous reasons attached to why you need to climb the stairs and all that is for the good reasons and to keep your health in check. But, out of other reasons, the best reason of climbing the stairs is that it reduces the risk of Osteoporosis which is most common form of arthritis. So, go take the stairs and take the benefit of it the most.

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