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5 healthy food items to boost your mood and make you happy

Here are 5 healthy foods that will curb your moodiness and bring smile to your face


We all have time to think about others tagging the past and future along with us but give less attention to mental health somewhere in our life. However, times are changing and the awareness of mental health is something that is increasing with the passing of time. Gone are the days when one would totally neglect one’s mental health. Now, people have began paying attention to their mental health and it’s found out that one of the factors that affect mental health is also food. Indeed, food does play a major role in our mental health. In fact, there are foods that can change your sullen mood to a happy one and also boost your mood.

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Here’s how these food items can boost your mood and make you happy:

1. Coffee

For many people out there, coffee is that beverage which wakes them up first thing in the morning. But that’s not entirely the case. Rather coffee is something that can kick-start your day as it has the caffeine that will immediately boost your mood as well as make you happy and elated. For best results try filtered coffee as it will help you in maintaining your weight and in keeping you in shape with the added health benefits that comes along with it. Overall, coffee is definitely something that will change your mood from crappy to joyful.

2. Chocolate

Whether you believe it or not but chocolate is not just to sweeten your mouth on celebrations or festive moments but it also has other good benefits to offer when it comes to health. Morever, having chocolate is something that is the easiest thing to get. Also, instead of the usual way of eating chocolate you can also consume it in a form of hot beverage. Rather hot chocolate is something that you would especially like it to drink and make your mood calm and relaxed. For instant result, you can also eat Dark Chocolate. Besides, you will also feel content and will also feel a sudden shift in mood as chocolate will entirely boost your mood.

3. Fruit

Fruit is one major food item that we always tend to forget or add it in the diet. Whenever you feel like having a light snack, grab a banana or an apple to munch on. Fruits are ideally a natural source of vitamins and are also packed with healthy sugars. Interestingly, the more fruits you will eat, the chances of being depressed would be less. It is the sweetness of the fruits that will eventually give your mood an instant boost and also comes along with many health benefits.

4. Tea

Beverages like coffee and tea contain caffeine and so it is also something that will give you the much needed boost to your mood and make you feel refreshed all over again. Another thing about tea is that as you drink you will notice it will calm your nerves and make you feel content and rejuvenated. So when you feel like your mood is not right, go for a steamy cup of hot tea and feel relaxed.

5. Fish

You would be surprised but fish is a healthy food that will help you in some manner in fighting depression. For an added health benefit, try eating fish two three times a week to stay away from all the bad moods and see if it works for you or not.

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