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Throwback: When Rekha and Imran Khan were set to get married

#ThrowbackWednesday: When Bollywood actress Rekha and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan almost got married.


Rekha is one of Bollywood’s most gorgeous diva and has been one of the best actresses in the industry. She has emerged as a true diva in the Bollywood industry. Apart from being a huge star, her personal life has always been in the news for her controversial love affairs.

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A few years back, she was rumored to be dating Imran Khan, who is now Pakistan’s Prime Minister. The duo’s love story was one of the most popular ones. According to the reports, they were almost set to tie the knot. Imran Khan, now turned politician was earlier a cricketer was linked with many women including Bollywood diva Zeenat Aman.

Imran Khan had numerous relationships during his bachelor life. He was then known as a playboy and had numerous girlfriends during his bachelor life. The cricketer was an ace all-rounder and was also famous for his good looks and charm in the 90s.

Talking about Imran Khan and Rekha’s wedding, a report in The Star had stated that Rekha’s mother had also approved of the relationship. It was also reported that Imran spent quality time with the actress in Mumbai for a month. Imran and Rekha were even spotted hitting the beach together, the residence of Premi Shivar Godrej, and at nightclubs.

The report also stated that Imran and Rekha seemed quite close and that they loved each other deeply and passionately.

Talking about Rekha’s mother, the report stated, “She had gone to Delhi and consulted a najoomi [astrologer] if Imran could be an ideal suiter to her daughter. No one knows what the najoomi had said but Rekha’s mother was convinced that Imran could be a welcome addition to her family.”

Soon after, the two walked their different paths.

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