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Google India launches campaign #SecurityCheckKiya to stay safe online


Ahead of Safer Internet Day (which is celebrated on February 5), World’s biggest search engine Google initiated a campaign #SecurityCheckKiya to create awareness about security among the people. Google has also urged citizens to use a unique password on screen and do not let applications to use your data to keep yourself stay safe online.

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During #SecurityCheckKiya, Google elaborated that how important is to conduct a health checkup of their Google Account ensuring the safety of their personal data.

According to reports, Google will continue to educate people throughout the year so that users can take more control of their online security and privacy. According to the study, young and new people coming to the internet are prone to get affected by the security breach.

Talking about online security and privacy, Google India Director, Trust and Safety Sunita Mohanty said, “As technology continues to change the way we live, work, and play, users want to know how best to ensure their safety on the web. Helping people manage their privacy and security is integral to everything we do.”

The biggest giant said that they build products with strong security protections and their system automatically detect and protect user data from a security breach.

“…we notify you when you’ve granted access to third-party sites or apps, but it’s really important for you to understand the information that you share with these apps or sites,” Mohanty stated in a blog.

“Overall there is growing interest among users to understand how they can make their online experience safer… while this is good, we believe there is still a need to improve user awareness, on how to stay safe online and protect their data,” she added.

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