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Salman wanted to marry Juhi Chawla? Find out the truth here

Salman wanted to marry Juhi Chawla? Details inside


Salman Khan is one of the most loved actors of Bollywood and the most eligible bachelor of the tinsel town. Many young girls will like to date him despite the fact that he is around 52 years old. According to the media reports, Salman Khan is said to have romanced almost every heroine on the big screen in the last three decades. But even at 52, bhaijaan is not ready to give up his bachelor tag.

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He is among the fittest actors of Bollywood and everybody wants to know as to when he is getting married. The 52-year-old actor, who is more than happy to enjoy his single status, would have actually been married if Juhi Chawla’s father would have agreed to let him marry his daughter. Yes, you read it right! Salman wanted to marry Juhi Chawla but her father turned down his proposal.

Well, if you still don’t believe us then take a look at a throwback video in which Salman is seen talking about Juhi Chawla and his proposal. On being asked about Juhi, the superstar replied, “She is very sweet. Adorable girl!”

Salman further stated that he wanted to marry Juhi, “I asked her father if you will let her get married to me.” But unfortunately, her father replied in negative and when the interviewer asked the reason behind the rejection, the actor said, “I don’t fit the bill,” he added.

Here is the video:

However, it is difficult to say whether Salman was really serious or joking.

Later, when Salman was asked whether he had signed any movie with Juhi, he replied with a straight face that she didn’t want to work with him.

It is to be noted that they have not worked together in lead roles but Salman did a cameo in “Deewana Mastana” in which he was seen tying the knot with Juhi.

Juhi was also asked the same question in Karan Johar’s chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’ and the actress had said that someone spread the rumour that she didn’t want to work with Salman but that was not the truth.

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