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Seven facts that you shouldn’t miss about hushed yet insightful ‘Manmohan Singh’


Manmohan Singh who was the former Prime Minister of India, still is the most adorable economist, who is respected for his contribution over Indian economy. Born in Gah, now in Punjab (Pakistan) Singh’s family migrated to India during partition. He began his political career with a bureaucratic position when he was appointed as an advisor in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. From that time up until now, he has excellently used his knowledge in the service of the nation through politics. Known as ‘a man of uncommon decency and grace’.

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Manmohan Singh Facts You Must Know

1. Born into Sikh family

Manmohan Singh Facts

Born into a family which followed Sikh religion, it was obvious that even Singh was nurtured to follow same religion and he did so and so he became the first Sikh Prime Minister of India.

2. Story of Cambridge

Seven facts about Manmohan Singh

Singh was always a shy person, even while he was studying in Cambridge. Once in an an interview to Mark Tully, a famous BBC correspondent in India, he revealed that throughout his stay in Cambridge he had only bathed in cold water. The reason was that he was shy of his long hair, being the only Sikh student in the hostel. To avoid the other boys, who would all bath together when hot water was available.

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3. Declined offer made by Jawaharlal Nehru

Seven facts about Manmohan Singh

Yes, Singh declined the offer to join the government made by Jawaharlal Nehru because he didn’t want to let go of the opportunity to honor his commitment of teaching at his college in Amritsar.

4. Publication

Seven facts about Manmohan Singh

Being such a genius there is no doubt that he must have written several Economic subject articles. It is natural to know that he has written large number of books and journals on the same subject, out of which most worth reading would be India’s Export Trends and Prospects for Self-Sustained Growth written by Manmohan Singh which is based on his doctoral thesis.

5. Degrees

Seven facts about Manmohan Singh

If you aren’t surprised as yet, this fact will make you feel ashamed of yourself for nagging over education. Manmohan Singh has 14 degrees in all. Yes, you heard it right, now we understand that we should not be cribbing over studies.

6. Can not read Hindi

Seven facts about Manmohan Singh

Well, Singh can’t read Hindi language because he is fond of Urdu language hence he needs to practice before he delivers any Hindi speech or he is given speeches written in Urdu.

7. Birth Date Secret

Seven facts about Manmohan Singh

His grandmother gave the first date that popped in her head while entering him into school hence his birth date is not the real date of his birth.

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