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THESE Two Oscar-winning films inspired Shah Rukh Khan to make ‘great cinema’

Parasite and Joker are Shah Rukh Khan's two favourite Oscar-Winning films.


Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who was last seen in Anand L Rai’s 2018 film Zero, has recently spoken up about his recent favourite movies. In a video shared by Shah Rukh Khan’s fan club, SRK revealed that there are two Oscar-winning films which have recently inspired him to make a great Cinema.

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In a 30-second video, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that it is Bong Joon Ho’s multiple Oscar-winning Korean film Parasite and Todd Phillips’ Joker that have inspired him to “make great cinema”.

In an interview, when Dilwale actor was asked about his favourite movies. After thinking for a while, Shah Rukh Khan named South Korean movie, Parasite which won four Oscars and the dark comic book film which won actor Joaquin Phoenix his first Oscar on Monday.

He can be heard saying, “The new film that has really really inspired me to make great cinema is Parasite from South Korea. I think that was excellent and so was Joker. I think these two films were very good.”

Notably, this is not the first time Shah Rukh expressed his admiration for South Korean film Parasite. In October last year, he had tweeted after first watching Parasite. Reviewing the film, he wrote on Twitter,  “Just saw Parasite the South Korean movie on my kids recommendation. What a delightfully discomforting film. A bizarre look at social status, the state of the world…and the parasitic nature of the Materialistic Hope we all feed and live off!!”

Once the superstar was asked to comment on ‘Joker’ on Twitter, to which he replied, “So well nuanced. So felt…quietly screaming…”

In an interview, when SRK was asked to name his favourite movies of all time. To which, the actor replied that it would be difficult to answer as he had many but stated that Sholay and Dirty Harry would be his first picks.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh is most likely to announce his next flick soon.

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